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An anterior-occipital head support add-on which elevates and completes the existing headrest of all seating, positioning and mobility devices.

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$35.00 / Hours

An anterior-occipital head support add-on which attaches easily to any existing headrest. HEADALOFT is a comprehensive solution which instantaneously improves quality of life for children and adults who lack head control.

The Challenge

Lack of head control

Many children and adults who use wheelchairs lack head control and are unable to hold their head upright to various extents. This negatively affects their day-to-day life, causing functional difficulties around breathing, swallowing, and communicating, as well as self-esteem issues.

The Need

For proper symmetrical and upright posture

A comfortable and affordable solution which provides head support and stability, and enables upright, symmetric seating in a wheelchair, stroller, car seat, or any other seating and positioning device in the complex rehabilitation arena.

The Solution


A life changing patented product which enables smoother breathing, easier feeding and the opportunity for better social communication.
HEADALOFT attaches easily to any existing headrest and provides instantaneous anterior-occipital head support. The product is FDA registered and CE approved (MDR). Made of highest quality materials and crash tested according to USA standard FMVSS 213.

HEADALOFT provides immediate head support benefits, which raises quality of life across the spectrum.

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