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Breakthrough comprehensive headrest providing tool free, dynamic, versatile, 360-degree head support solution.

מוצר Headeloft 360
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An innovative, tool free, all-encompassing headrest.
Suitable for the head support needs of any person using a wheelchair or other seating devices.
Instant positive impact on quality of life for those needing assistive head support.

The Challenge

Many wheelchair users need a headrest, and benefit from it.
Some users lack head control to various extents. Most have headrests, but they are limited in their capability to provide full agile support. The head support challenges are diverse and vary amongst users.

The Need

Upright, Stable and Symmetric Head Posture

A multi-dimensional headrest which provides a solution to the diverse and varied challenges that come with lack of head control and the need to support the head. A head support that provides each specific user a tailor-made solution for proper symmetric and upright posture.

Our Solution


An all-encompassing, groundbreaking headrest which attaches to all wheelchairs and other seating, positioning, and mobility devices in the rehabilitation industry. 360 is a headrest that adjusts, totally tool free, to user needs and does not require the user to adapt to the headrest. It enables an overall, versatile, and multi-dimensional solution to every specific head support need, from moderate to complex.

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